Our facilities and high level instructors at SMAC Gym are second to none, with all necessary equipment and 3 large matted training areas and a full sized boxing ring.

We are best known for our friendliness and welcoming atmosphere, a second home and family for most of our members

We are continuously looking for beginners to introduce martial arts to! We run beginner programs for anyone without training experience so that they can learn in a comfortable, ego-free environment. Learning the basics and progressing into or ongoing sessions.

Often people are concerned they will not be fit enough to join our club. You do not need to be fit, you will become fitter by training with us. You will also learn a bunch of new skills with motivated, like-minded people!

Anyone is allowed to train Most our students train just for fitness or fun, then others work towards competition. We cater for both, with many of our members becoming successful professional competitors.