Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai is a high-energy combat sport originating in Thailand. It has traditional values with respect and etiquette being very high objectives.

The class is fast paced from start to finish. Techniques are practiced on pads so students learn power development and offensive and defensive skills.


Achievement is recognised via a system of coloured patches. These patches are achieved when certain skills and fitness levels are achieved.


Krav Maga

Krav Maga – Self defence Training

Krav Maga is all about effective defence tactics and skill. All our training is designed to be simple to learn, not complicated, not fancy just effective and easy to implement.


Based on the Israeli Military close quarter combat training, Krav Maga has become  the most popular self defence system in the world.


You will learn defensive skills from grabs, strikes, knives, batons, firearms and multiple attacks. You will leave each class knowing that you are better equipped to deal with an attack than when you walked in.


Our instructors are highly skilled martial artists with extensive experience in security , law enforcement and the military. Including service in the Australian Army special forces. The depth of knowledge that our instructors have, ensures that you will receive the very best training available.


Zen Do Kai

Zen Do Kai is known for it's no nonsense approach to martial arts training. It continually develops and  absorbs skills and methodology from around the world to make sure it can give it's members the very best.

It's motto is "the best of everything in progression".

Zen Do Kai was founded in Australia in 1970 by Bob Jones and Richard Norton. It quickly grew to be the most popular and largest martial arts organisation in Australia and New Zealand. 

Somerville's Zen Do Kai first club opened in 1974 at the Somerville Mechanics hall under Nigel Kendall. Over the years many trainers had tenures as lead instructors at this club. In 1994 Matthew Ball became the Lead trainer after starting at the Somerville club in 1986. In 2003 Matt moved the club and opened SMAC Gym.



Boxing, our classes are skill based and give a great workout.

We concentrate on the skills that are needed to compete in boxing. We understand that most people do not wish to compete but we train with the same high skill and fitness levels that competitors drive for.



FitnessBOX is a fast paced 45 minute workout session. We use boxing, kickboxing and MMA techniques but concentrate on fitness and strength. Heaps of pad and bag hitting. The best way to hit without any chance of getting hit back.

45 minute sessions



Aikido principles are based on exploiting the weaknesses of an opponent. Joints, posture, the mind can all be vulnerable areas when attacked or challenged. In essence Aikido is turning an opponents' power against themselves by using the exact degree of control required to neutralise their energy without inflicting undue harm.

 Classes are conducted by Sensei Steve Roadnight, 4th Dan Tenchi Ryu Aikido Association


2/5 Simcock Street, Somerville 3912.

Victoria, Australia.​​

Tel:(03 5977 7055)


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Why train at SMAC?

Our facilities and high level instructors at SMAC Gym are second to none, with all necessary equipment and heaps of matted flooring and a full sized boxing ring.

We are best known for our friendliness and welcoming atmosphere, a second home and family for most of our members


I’ve never trained martial arts before, can I still train?

Of course! We run beginner programs for anyone without training experience so that they can learn in a comfortable, ego-free environment. Learning the basics and progressing into or ongoing sessions.


Do I need to be fit?

You do not need to be fit, you will become fitter by training with us. You will also learn a bunch of new skills with motivated, like-minded people!


Do you have female classes?

Women are welcome to join any of our mixed sessions, however we also offer female only sessions. We offer Women's kickboxing and Women's Krav Maga (self-defence)


Is training for competitive fighters only or can anyone train?
Anyone is allowed to train Most our students train just for fitness or fun, then others work towards competition. We cater for both, with many of our members becoming successful professional competitors.


What ages can people train?

Our youngest group is the 3-5 yr old kinder karate. From there we have classes to suite 5-11 yr olds, 11-16 yr olds and 16+.


What do I wear?

Each class has a slightly different uniform.
Muay Thai/kickboxing/Boxing with just require comfortable workout clothing, making sure you can move around quite freely. Boxing will need shoes but the kickboxing and Muay thai will not wear shoes.
Zen Do Kai or karate require Karate Gi, which you will receive free as part of your beginner program.

Krav Maga will receive a training shirt the can wear during the sessions