Zen Do Kai

Zen Do Kai was founded in Australia in 1970 by Bob Jones and Richard Norton. It quickly grew to be the most popular and largest martial arts organisation in Australia and New Zealand.​

Zen Do Kai is known for it's no nonsense approach to martial arts training. It continually develops and  absorbs skills and methodology from around the world to make sure it can give it's members the very best. For example, our striking is inspired from Muay Thai and boxing, our self defence from Krav Maga and ground work from BJJ plus so much more!

We have beginner Zen Do Kai courses for new students to jump into! We have had great success. We credit this to the the members in the beginner program will be taught in a separate area for the most part of the course, giving us a better opportunity to work solely with the new members to explain and breakdown the correct technique and getting even more 1 on 1 time in the most important step in your Martial Arts journey. 

Beginner courses run on specific dates, you can view these by clicking the links below. To view the timetable once you have finish the beginner course click here.

You can see what's included in your beginner package by clicking the link below!

Adult: 16yrs +