The aims and objectives of Zen Do Kai’s ‘Kidz Karate Program’ are to develop: A healthy attitude towards self and a healthy attitude to sport. Using innovative methods and just the right amount of fun, we teach our “Juniors” life skills and physical skills that will benefit them now and as they grow into adults. All of this is achieved by making sure we have fun!


We emphasize non-violent conflict resolution and teach children to recognise and avoid lures and threats.



The aims and objectives of our ‘Kidz Kickboxing Program’ are to develop: A healthy attitude towards self and a healthy attitude to sport.


We do this by teaching basic martial arts training and basic self defence skills. This inturn improves children’s basic motor skills, group socialization, co-operation with others and self discipline.


All of this is achieved by making sure we have fun!



Specifically designed for 3 to 5 year olds and classes run for 30 minutes. All of our exercises have been carefully designed to help develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Your child’s confidence grows every time something new is learned! Your “Karate Kid” will be will be well equipped to do his or her very best in school and in life.


Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, your child will develop the security and confidence to thrive in new situations.


2/5 Simcock Street, Somerville 3912.

Victoria, Australia.​​

Tel:(03 5977 7055)


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Why train at SMAC?

Our facilities and high level instructors at SMAC Gym are second to none, with all necessary equipment and heaps of matted flooring and a full sized boxing ring.

We are best known for our friendliness and welcoming atmosphere, a second home and family for most of our members


I’ve never trained martial arts before, can I still train?

Of course! We run beginner programs for anyone without training experience so that they can learn in a comfortable, ego-free environment. Learning the basics and progressing into or ongoing sessions.


Do I need to be fit?

You do not need to be fit, you will become fitter by training with us. You will also learn a bunch of new skills with motivated, like-minded people!


Do you have female classes?

Women are welcome to join any of our mixed sessions, however we also offer female only sessions. We offer Women's kickboxing and Women's Krav Maga (self-defence)


Is training for competitive fighters only or can anyone train?
Anyone is allowed to train Most our students train just for fitness or fun, then others work towards competition. We cater for both, with many of our members becoming successful professional competitors.


What ages can people train?

Our youngest group is the 3-5 yr old kinder karate. From there we have classes to suite 5-11 yr olds, 11-16 yr olds and 16+.


What do I wear?

Each class has a slightly different uniform.
Muay Thai/kickboxing/Boxing with just require comfortable workout clothing, making sure you can move around quite freely. Boxing will need shoes but the kickboxing and Muay thai will not wear shoes.
Zen Do Kai or karate require Karate Gi, which you will receive free as part of your beginner program.

Krav Maga will receive a training shirt the can wear during the sessions