Somerville Martial Arts Centre (SMAC) Muay Thai Kickboxing, based on the Mornington peninsula has been teaching Martial arts in Somerville since 1989, we have been at current location since 2004.
Our Thai Boxing program has been running for several years now and has become the #1 Muay Thai school in Somerville.

Why is SMAC Gym the best place to start Muay Thai lessons?

Our beginner programs have been running a SMAC for several years and now we have developed a fantastic! It is a great opportunity to get some of the foundation skills and learn the terminology for Muay Thai classes. The necessary equipment is provided as part of the program giving them the best start to martial arts.

Why is SMAC so popular amongst the community?
We try to provide a welcoming environment, a family feel to our club while still teaching high level Muay Thai to our students!

We have high standards and push hard so that our members can reach them. 

Muay Thai incorporates Boxing skills, kicking skills, knees and elbow strikes and the stand up clinch or grapple. You may have seen some other styles of kickboxing such as American Kickboxing, k1 and Mod Thai.

Our Muay Thai classes classes are split into rank levels for a portion of every class so that we can deliver the appropriate content to our students! Some nights of the week we even run separate classes for different experience levels.

We find ourselves in a very central area on the Mornington Peninsula, this means students from Tyabb and Hastings can easily attend the centre, along with students from Frankston, Langwarrin and surrounding areas.

Our instructors are well trained having completed courses in the United States of America and ongoing training with International and National trainers and instructors. Our trainers have First Aid and CPR training up to date along with knowledge on ADHD and ASD.

Progression is tracked by a patch rank system. The rank order is white, yellow, orange, blue, green, brown, black. Each Rank takes a bit longer to obtain than the last. As a beginner you are a white patch, it will take approximately 2 months for your yellow rank. It will usually take someone around 3 years to reach black rank.