The only full weekend seminar in australia for 2020!

Alex Kostic returns with his very special style of Systema.

Multiple attack, structure breaking, HEAVY hitting, dynamic, weaponising your entire body and every movement.

This will be the only full weekend seminar in Australia by Alex for 2020.

Alex's teaching style is a mix of wise philosophy professor and comedian. His Martial Arts is open, engaging and terrifying.

Dont miss out, book today. Numbers are limited to 40

A Welcome message from the organiser

Welcome to the Alex Kostic 2020 weekend seminar. The seminar will be conducted at SMAC Gym, 2/5 Simcock Street Somerville and facilitated by Alex Kostic.


The following information will assist you in your preparations to successfully attend the course.


Lunch and dinner will be available for those who wish to take part for a small extra cost of around $10 for lunch and $15 for dinner.



During the course you will have the option of staying on site at SMAC Gym. This will be free of charge but you will need to bring your own bedding, toiletries, towel etc. Toilet, shower and cooking facilities are available on site. Alternate accommodation can be found with in 7km. Three options are

Frankston Motel - 233 Frankston - Flinders Rd, Frankston VIC 3199 Phone(03) 5971 1233


Live interstate? If you are flying in -

Somerville is located 87 km from the Melbourne (Tullamarine) airport and the average travel time by car is 1 hour and 30mins (freeway and tollway). Car rental from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening will be around $86 to $140 for a small car.

The average travel time by public transport is 2 and a half hours to 4 hours. (Skybus to Southern cross station, Train to Frankston, train or bus to Somerville). You will need to pay for Skybus ($35 return) at the airport and then purchase a Miki card ($12 return) at Southern Cross Station. It will not be possible to fly in Saturday morning and use public transport to arrive in Somerville in time for the course.


Please make sure you allow enough time for travel time and check in when booking flights. You return flight should be booked for after 7.30pm on Sunday.


The Course

The course will be both physically and mentally demanding. However, the course objectives are achievable for all fitness levels and experience. The training will be conducted indoors.


Skills will be developed and built on in a step by step format. These will then be tested in different scenarios of increased pressure. They will then be enhanced further and test again, this process will be repeated until a high standard of competency is achieved.

To prepare for the course please make sure you work on your general cardio and all basic skills.